'Helping you make the connections'

How I Can Help You…

Whether you’re a First-Time home buyer or a Pro, I’m here to help you navigate.
  • Schedule time to determine the Buyer’s needs and requirements in order to streamline the process
  • Provide a personalized list the steps needed to start YOUR Home Buying Process
  • To help make the connections you need to prepare to buy.
My promises to you…
  • Communications – Constant, Honest, Straight-Forward, and always Confidential Conversations.
  • Keeping you informed with every step of the process and to help set realistic expectations.
  • Open Door Policy – I’m always here to answer questions/concerns, and to help manage every situation that can arise in a transaction.
  • Negotiations – I will always fight for my client’s best interests and needs.
  • Rest Assured knowing that I’m your biggest advocate. I’m here for more than just our short time together, I’m here to help you through life’s curve balls.
  • Keep you informed – Through your best method of communitcating, I will let you know what’s new with the market, what’s coming into the market, helpful tips on credit, finances, curb appeal, safety, and all around useful information you can keep in your ‘tool box’.
Buyer’s ‘Tool Box’…
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)– I will provide you with a CMA for every property you’re interested in, to help determine an appropriate offering price. As well as the; neighborhood stats, crime rates, school ratings, property taxes, estimated upkeep and maintenance costs, shopping, attractions, and connections to city/local agencies needed.
  • Networking – I will use my networking groups, other listings, and personal connections within this industry to help find your new home.
  • Online/Social Media – I will utilize all of my online presence and social media outlets to prospect new homes that come onto the market. Keeping you up-to-date and ready to attack is the name of the game!
  • Open Houses – I will take you to tour homes that are in your price range. This is a great way to educate yourself on what your money can buy and it helps you determine your ‘wants’ vs. your ‘needs’.
Support all the way through…

I will be there to help guide you from prep, searches, tours, strategies, offers, negotiations, all the way to closing and beyond!


“Helping You Make the Connections”